We hope your day is going great so far! Today is National Clean Out Your Computer Day, this day takes place every second Monday in February, the sole purpose of this day is to remind everyone to clean out their computers. This day was established to help people:

  1. Create, transfer and store their files in the appropriate folders.
  2. Remove unused storage space and free up their computers for more folder space.
  3. Remove unused shortcuts and organize their desktops.

How Is Storage Space Removed?

The most simplest method of freeing up storage space is to right click on a folder on a desktop or on your hard drive and hit “Delete”. This ensures that the folder is moved to the trash bin. Another way to delete a folder is to drag and drop it to the trash bin by holding your mouse.

Lastly, some other great ways to clean out your computers are to use anti-virus softwares such as:

  1. CCleaner
  2. Norton Anti-Virus Software
  3. McAfee Endpoint Security

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