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Women’s History Month

Welcome back, today is the very start of Women’s History Month! The purpose of Women’s History Month is to celebrate women internationally in your lives, and worldwide! Women have had an enormous impact in the tech world and have shaped many of the services, products and tools we use today.

Some phenomenal women in tech we would like to celebrate are:

  • Ada Lovelace – The first computer programmer that noted the first computer program as “the science of operations.”
  • Katherine Johnson – One of the first black women to work as a NASA Mathematician that worked in Nasa’s Computer Pool for 33 years and during her tenure was able to develop research report on space flight.
  • Annie Easley – One of the first black women to work as a NASA Rocket Scientist, that had indefinite wisdom and was able to do perform calculations by hand.

There are many more wonderful women who have shaped Women’s history and we hope that we can inspire others to be future change makers and change the narrative!

Engineers Week 2021

This is a re-cap of Engineers week that occurs February 21 – February 27th of every year. Engineers week was founded by the NSPE in 1951 and serves the main purpose of getting more individuals in engineering fields and highlighting those who are already in these fields. We wanted to celebrate all of the wonderful engineers in different engineering fields around the world!  We especially wanted to give a huge shoutout to engineers in underrepresented groups that are not usually celebrated! https://www.nspe.org/resources/partners-and-state-societies/engineers-week

Did you know that there are 6 major branches of Engineering? This includes: Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Management Engineering and Geotechnical Engineering, under these main categories include thousands of more subcategories that fall under Engineering.

In addition here are some wonderful organizations to join that focus on building better engineering for tomorrow:

  1. Institute of Electrical Engineers (IEEE)
  2. American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)
  3. National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE)
  4. Society of Women Engineers (SWE)
  5. Society of Hispanic Professionals Engineers (SHPE)
  6. American Association of Engineering Societies
  7. International Engineering Consortium

We hope to be the change we want to see in the world and that starts with informing the general public about engineering and sharing resources and platforms engineering focused!

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