Happy International Women’s Day!

Today we recognize strong women internationally who have changed the world, especially in the field of technology, past and present.

Some phenomenal women in tech we would like to celebrate are:

  • Ada Lovelace – The first computer programmer that noted the first computer program as “the science of operations.”
  • Katherine Johnson – One of the first black women to work as a NASA Mathematician that worked in Nasa’s Computer Pool for 33 years and during her tenure was able to develop research report on space flight.
  • Annie Easley – One of the first black women to work as a NASA Rocket Scientist, that had indefinite wisdom and was able to do perform calculations by hand.
  • Paola Santana – Founder of CEO of Social Glass, which is a start-up aimed to discover solutions for the government to create high-performing governments.
  • Marisela Marquez- Founder of Iberus, which is a start-up that connects entrepreneurs to international investors in tech.
  • Annie Chow – CEO of AT&T Business in 144 years, and first woman of color to lead a national sales and support over 2,000 professionals and oversee over 3 million business customers.

May we know strong women and may we be them!

-Route To Security